The Spoken Word


just in case u would not know

ThE pLAneT

No War
we should march for war peace all over the world.
march 3-28-13 Arcata, cali- fornico
no nukes!
not nutties!
no war!
march 24 2013 arcata planifornico

There is something smearing along the red lines of human social structures that created this misunderstanding in the American social government structures that are making life unbearable for them, for us, and the third party ( mafias ) underground governments as scapegoat rhetoric against the people that just want to work, eat, be treated well, be human, and have a explicit life of sharing the lands and humanity. But the Cabbage heads republicans repudiate the sole thought of making the Mexican border a non existent at all, ( why ) there is a wall, is because the MAFIA or is because something else,….. more likely is something else,,,,,,, and what is this something else? (this else ) is I elt you knoe some other time!!!!!, but if the wall comes down, gess the guesse disguise ina pancreatic acid with green cabbage heads controlling u tube down the throat in a baby formula of diarrhea emulsion to let the money tube drain flue fluently spancking packing inglish correctly u r required to blow gas discreetly with when u are not on the toilote   what is going to happen< Mexicas are gonna invade United states mandated by divine will ///uh , then we invade the Mexicans and there are no problems at all, we got it all,,,, we got the guns pointed to anybody to invade our privacy,,,,,,,and does mean to the Mexican too, that is why we are paranoic out of v evrything is in our blood we can not get rid of it, we borne wild. And we got guns for every purpose, we can get rid of the Mexican oil rich archy in no time and everybody will be happy!!!!! The Mexican will be happy if we get rid of the protufacto belive the mex ex gov are not better than any other gov- in- the planet! Every one know nothing and mean less, the words speack by themselves,


<why do we need walls>


( to make it easy)


To make it easy ( what) ?


What did u say

I say kake it and then ask questions later!!!!




I would not what so ever and ever sing a song unless


I become a saboteaur


And invade the solar system and the universe and then we can sabouteuer god (GOD0 ) the gordo needs to get slim a little bit.


And el pulpo!


Que pulpo ?


El pulpo!!!!!!!!




los pulpos 

how to make a US government a greenish  shareable, social environmnet if the senators are  with a red neck rhetoric against people that like the work out side and be good of the eco- social insfracture if they dont even have a green mind set up. 

 it would take ions for the red neck cabbages to evolute to a more humanistic type of governmnets because thetha gama rays are frying already and there is no way to stop it. The revolution for social enterprise  is the capital equation, questioning a common denominator if there is no  ( Profit) there is no gvernmnets in the capital dogma there is no democratic capitalism if we don’t fuck some boldt else for ( profit ) capital gain ( somebody needs to loose) you head  and mine are made to get wt u got and put it in the safe for safe keeping@@@@@@@ be good  and behave our own planet to oord the cloud of desenfrachising the unity.   If governmnets were any good we would not havinn a hard time but we have  ahrd time we can get rid of the planet if there is any problem fact we are gonna blow it with nukes casue we have it and we gonna ushit is happening it happens what we gonna do, is all what we know to do, can some body reprogram the computer to compute correctly cause we need baby formula to formulate a gas out correction to land safely ina the pig is bathing in dirth,  Well my friend a healthy society is a society in which the land is healthy, humans are healthy, we eat well, we all got the meaning of life, there are not poverty at all, and why are there those assssooos in the planet in the first place!!! There are not eveil intentional in the instentinos only bad bacteria. To expel. Is about religion, r e l  i  g  a  r  e. is moneypulated and all the banks are keeping the money hosted for safe keepinnnn  that is why we need baby formula to force diarrhea and let money flows freely then life happenesssss  is happening men we got the dow market to make bread.


We supposed to be humans. Well behaved- Educated-Civilized- And progressive, instead we are the worse species creation ever created, first they kill Jesus, and they make a religion about him, worship the cross in which they kill him. And now we are on the brick of destroying the rest of the planet with nukes, because religion, we just discover we are retarded!!!!

I wonder what kind of religion ever was, before Jesus come to earth.


Quo sacra omnia tantum planetae vivere?
Ad faciendum hoc est valde maximus

Ut custodirent eam mundatis

Et ab

et ab humanitatis cultu

Potest locus in quo maximam mundi vita.

Et nos invicem se habent ad omnia Realated





Santa Cruz, California 2013

What it would take to save the planet?


It would take to every single country in the world to step back and stop all wars again any other country in the world, and that means, China would leave Tibet, Pakistan would stop war with India, Iran would stop a war with Israel, Israel would stop war with the Palestinians, U.S.A. would dismantle the Mexican wall, and so Israel would do the same, all wars in AFRICA would come to a stop, the world would be then prospering to a healthy life style. Then all countries would start a planetarian restoration of the planet resources and towards progressive ecological agenda to restore humanity natural state.   

And  what would be more important; no nukes no nuclear energy, no nuclear weapons, and no pollution by all means, then the profit factor is nule, everyone would have a house, a parcel to grow food, a family, a place that each of us would be proud to call the earth is my home.  



febrero 27 , 2012



What happening!!!!!!

In our {our}  oooouuur country ,


Unreliable un belief able  very able verifyable but very very verify sate of modern  times

This is what the republican state of of  of  ooooof mind are up to

"It's abhorrent that President Obama is releasing criminals into our communities to promote his political agenda on sequestration," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, said. "By releasing criminal immigrants onto the streets, the administration is needlessly endangering American lives."


What more are repub;lican wit or without a cabage brain


I mean what kind of think tank re-pu- blic- cans are really  are they caned or are they white canesugar sugarless caned modified corn syrup geneticlly mody blues cabbage brains or modyblues genetic a lly modified brainless republican aer siting in the toilet singing genetically mody blues to the intelectual comunity of united venceremos of america


Are they cabage brains or brains cabageless  scavenger’s

I mean this is the kind of brain that we need in our c o u n t r y

What country?  The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) decision to move detainees to less costly supervision options was met with backlash from Republicans who accuse the Obama administration of using scare tactics to win a political battle.

These repudations utations quotations  out of senseless  brainless senators representing the American majority they are up to?    To believe their outdated type approach to problem solve stratosperical logy thinktank. why make us to believe that mexicans and other undocmented people are? 

the social structure between the rest of america can work better with a fraternal approach,

and take down the wall and make oneamerica



why we are illegals?

is any body really illegal

in the planet?

and why is there a wall in the first place?

It is very true that this wall not need to be there.

it is very extra that can be a much better policy

and create a more common sence of co existence with mexico but is not, because the american political approach is base on the politics of money

 money production

or prodution of money

is now

 an oligarchy













 happening because  governmnets


distance with time,



is creating

the world unbearable

for every single entity on the planet.



  domination progress of civilizasion of antagonism  and out of context. gloval sustainability depends in using all resources possible every human being  is part to be good to each other and restore the gloval ecology by;

no walls any were on the planet


the roads already built in the world are allready alienating much of the wild life

there is not cross points, and there are roads every fucking were, what would you do if you were a lion

and you need to go the the other side of town and you have to cross a bunch of cars zomming by at 55 miles an hour or more,

what the f what is this, why those idiots humans come here and make this country into a fu insanity coming out of no were,


camon man,

are them blind or something?

or are they really believe that they are the only ones to exist or something,

the sky are with not much differnce

all that noice sound, makes me fluc tehflac

but , hey ......

is all good.


let s keep it cool


like if nothing really going on,,,

life is all good....


we got so much money......


we can make criminals out of any thing


and make money


is the best bussines we can do....







that we are criminals harvrsting their food, waking dishes , working in restaurants, making them food in their house, wiping up their babies but, and they believe thatwewe are criminals out of no where cause they are the enchilada for being senatototors of my dog my my my dog is better than their dog.


Is time to refuse the republicans all together  we do not, do not, not,,,,,, not not neds mor frankeistains

Their brainless juice uice ICE brainless to tell us what to do!!!!! On off this in organic cow manure.






Santa Cruz, Sunday XXIV Februarii MMXII

Espiritu Santo potest opus fac salvage quid potest esse salvage, illi qui in dolore et tristitia sit ad Latte, carnis corruptione, nemo potest adduxit super firmamentum caelum est quoque radiavit cum spiritibus malis, ita amicis meis vocatio prope est nunc audi pro suspirio signa sonos odoratur translucens manifestatio sancti spiritus sponsionem, si vos can animadverto is vos potest salvari.




Santa Cruz, die veneris Februarii MMXII



The American terrific unbearable classy top of the club cloud 9 and the 24/7 360 of the long jubilee year nightmare mare stud Dios of world 7 seas as usual no money no business, no business, mo crime corruption chaos, despair, prosecution of the prosecuted to the prosecutor, monitor the monitored to the monitor, more class A to fame solitude of a hundred nights, extravaganza,  locura, interrogation secure no problem the mexican and the israeli walls are holding the infidels out of our noses cause we can smell our under anable right to extort annihilate provoke any one at any time cause time is money oh what we gonna do with out it , every one want to have it so let share some and open the borders to apropiate mo blood !!!! vamp ires of the holy molly batman and  big foot are coming,  we are in need of the super herooes to do the dew of today cause yes we can not salves no workers no food no party no farting ...we can do any thing we want. And this is the ultima question are WE  SeCuRe. With all this trillions od money to keep security a secure environment!!!. Yes wewe we are we are anybody living in the past and are thinking not with their heads b ut with their buts then they are not sure secure  when they are going to have a good leave or diarrhea when time to sit and expatriate the regards ode the giveth nutrition of society has to be in accordance with the rules of the engaged monopoly of the assumed comfort of the rich, untouchable penguins in uniform and the comformity of the alienated. Like every one interested in the abdominal of the uniform not dressed in temptation for the comformity of such animal then we can not wait till hall o win a piece of cake  to mock my self in unison with everyone and have fun in uniformity with the reception in the stature of the reformed, then with all my resilient moments certainly I can for sure make everyone satisfied with my resilient witty of god the giver and not expected unless you know what is the secret for immortality, then can with certain apex of cumulative aspirations, personalities of the annihilated kingdom of the franchised awe platforms of  underworld created by human is in much needed change of structure toward heavenly state of consciousness,  then every creature live and passed could return to a balanced steady ground to keep everything in place, nice and safely. The curriculum seculorioum adverth mea senses for a reformato to excleresis my dominoum of sanesoul efulgothem amnia evolvo  I amare planeta, lux in mente, pax in anima mundi vis pacem gaudium et aeternam lux in mente pax in anima
mundi vis pacem gaudium et aeternam donec nova adeuntibus caeli ad reing futuro.




Do u need any papers to come Home?

nuclear energy is not cleaner than coal both  are higly contaminats for the environment, are this people think that we are in the kindergarden or what , nuclear energy is the worse form of energy to have in the first place, cause it pollution last for 100 thousand years, it was made in the first place to make the nuclear bomb and is not a 100 percent prof of a major nuclear disaster , we can live with out it and we can consume less energy if it wasn't because there are so many sheepos in the world, when the shit comes it gona rain shit and with this is a major world wide catastropy u need more modern times decisions and put the constituents in the blue cause u got the job.
\   The planet needs real humans, not halfs, slaves or compute3s generated androids
real people for 2013 or get busted !

sasguatch is cominnnnnnnn

Alexa Octover 30, 2012
the future is now!
vote for obama or reboot your brain into a noendland.
it is sad to know that members of congrees  of the united sheepos of aliens have no conception of environmnetal issues because they are worse tha sheepos acting like sheepos obeying other sheepos how to sheepo 
the planet is divided with more than a hundred countries,
fighting all the way to hell for more land and natural resources,,,
the united nations should be anihilated and return once again
to ONE.
we all remember a few years ago
any body could come into tia-juana or any border town
go to a restauran bar and buy a kilo of coke
cross the border and no ploblem,
no one got hurt, every one was happy,
and now what thje F everyone is paparlized
now in these days,, hell is being rasied agai any body and any one,, becasue this drug war good for nothin other than chaos
chao chao and mo chao   who in the name of god is making any money under thse circumtances,,,,,,,
if they dont want to make money the fair trade then f them and vival la vie with out them ,,, put all thsoe toes under granola bars right now!!!!!
This is worse tha facism dictatorship!!


These are twelve virtues of rationality:

These are twelve virtues of rationality:

Curiosity, relinquishment, lightness, evenness, argument, empiricism, simplicity, humility, perfectionism, precision, scholarship, and the void.


            is cminnn! 




what we gratefully actually is in desperation need is


how to get rid ov loptops


cell phones


computer industry


can not rule the future


what so ever


unless they make a computer


that eats granola,


and does not belive


any think


humans do.


and what more omportant si there are not borders what so ever


religions to follow


aor govermnets hiding


in the dark of war.


and what less


the farmaceutical



making every one retarded!



if the planet survibe the wife s of the next election


only 30 nuclear power plants


are needdddeeeeed to keep


keeping the wifi going!!!!


with all these the destrucyion exploit my personality


fond of my agitation


and my foundations are a mere lie


as the frontieers of the planet,


if the planet survives the next election,



ho my god we need to tackle more these mexicans slaves!!!


dont worry colonoel fries is gona make sure


we don not!!! run out of paperss.


we aned a ss # to




aliens fo t ocktofer fest


harvest on the full moon

green marlin is greening the environmnet of commerse

for a bright future of tommorrow

everyone as to met the requirenmnet

to have a ss# @ $ t holy surch of $






the fact is


w  e  c a n nnnot


terminate the pogram of self infliction


of derivatives of slavery now




whak are we gona do with out it!


we just could not bark at no one any more!!




the paperles nation o gody god a go go


party for the sheepos of

the labirint of utopia

s the main imperative for the future of the natio!n







paperless inkredible,  stinky paperless Sep 21, 2012 


Everybody please…………!!!!!??????

 Rise the hand those, that are?

 Aliens of this planet.


- , -


Who needs papers?


just for the toilet Sir.


to write stinky poetry.





Galaxico, Sep.17 2012




Why humans are out of touch with reality?







Because; they have no idea how we became humans.


Second; because they are acting exactly as in their own mind think aliens

Would come to earth and slave humans for their benefit-


Third; we are destroying the planet ourselves and acting exactly as aliens in our mind aliens would do.


Fourth; The smart ones? (humans) are making a heck of a job to profit and accumulate vast amounts of wealth and control of other humans by; with the help of governments religion and organized mafia. 


Fifth; Humans are indeed responsible for the ongoing killing of themselves the planet, and the solar system.


Galaxea, Xea Ga Alph Z, September 12, 2012


Someone’s are sabotaging peace and prosperity in the planet because


They are very bad people (aliens form outer space)


Humans killing humans


And they are very close to you by default.




What is a recession?


A recession is when Banks liquidate your stolen money


Lock it under the door and you become a  persona non grata.




  Galaxia Sunday September 2, 2012


Who wears the economy in this economy?


Ali Baba and the forty thieves.



is a very chesse chess

Chessing the chesse.



The Gods must be crazy, the Americans are nuts and the bankers  in  Wall Street must be very happy to privatize the SS number- You all be naked in no time!




August 15- 12


Immigration the final frontier


Attack of the Humanoids.


Evolving To wardEx tinction



Are these white Anglo-Saxons  Immigrants from  outer space


some where of the planet


in this planet






 in  this continent- disappear most of the Caribbean natives and kill many Americans natives in the continent, label them as savages – when actually they were killing themselves mano a mano with a revolver, what make you thing that these cowboys from mars were really mano a mano killing themselves because of wealth, gold, land, ownership, to own the own, make black people  slaves- in the last 3 hundred centuries have done nothing good but to create chaos and despair to this modern world that they created- ,-

-                make  given denial believe on  partial legal status to the original natives of this continent,

  and  make a  wall, and another one


and another one 20 feet tall


with barb wire on top






we are


 here is here  and there is there




Mexicans are Mexicans and Americans are Americans


 Is  apartheid and discrimination


 A  virtual border  fence


Officially is corrupted with;


A virus know as;


We haven’t discover mexico yet!





The bandit’s banks are responsible for economic breakdown around the planet,

The problem is why countries let it this happen! Including wall street and so and so and so! So what if we fried the fried like a chicken without eggs if there are some eggs let alone maybe the chicken can grow back to the king but the king is dead! Back to a totalitarian regime, excuse me sir is not a dictatorship is a democratic capitalist dictatorship government with the consents of the slaves.




August 8, 2012


Are we polluting mars now!


You bet,


 Not only that,


 We are acting like real aliens,


Destroying any thing comes our way.







Stop Polluting Space








scial rvion

sep. 4 - 12


The military industrial complex is in charge of cannibalistic behavior and destruction of the planet. And the people who own this industry in collaboration of the governments that supports them, with the intervention of the United Nations to implement.


strategic economic development!!!


Is ginger

to save the planet!!!!!


Why the world is crazy for war and destruction and cannibalistic behavior


Because people are been told to fight!


Every one of those that are soldiers Is  Obeying orders!




Every one has a family!


Every soldier is obeying because they get pay!


Every soldier of any country has made  oath to protect their countries interest, to fight


Most countries that make weapons , makes  money  selling them to countries that are are not making them! Except some countries ( like )  and ( Like ) { are } told 2(o) = K 4 $ because k G force Of $ - $ - + = ?  because = + - $




                          The church of GoDog


Not matter what ! I give a big Street  for no way Jesus is not coming back because this is worse that then!!!  Hell , those aliens humans ! are really from  brother from another planet ! mean they are not brothers thy are aliens


what kind of alie nes?


the kind that ......


they give a big Shit up!!!


clinically ( !+/) =




have some compasion fot some body >




Per said if war world happens what you thing would happen?


Number one: we destroy the planet.!


Any questions?





july 19 - 12

The planet has a very hard thinking about?


What the heck ! is going on ! ?


Are these retarded humans A r  e going to blew it up


For good ! Just Because $ Because $ is all that matter


In this planet! Oh my dog is totally out of me!




june 28, 2012

A few things to save the planet.


Zero waste

100% recycle everything

Including your brain!

Convert weapons of mass destruction into plows.

Get rid of the middle man! Including banks!!!

Think before you think!!!

Do not produce poisons,

What are poisons!!!

Everything there is, is poison……

The color of your shirt is poison,

That goes to the ocean and contaminates tons of water,

Questions how many tons of polluted water goes into the ocean?

Any body knows< a lot>

The paint of your car is poison<

The preservative that goes on each fence post for your fence is poison,

All roads are poisons (when it rains it poisons every inch of land that goes to.....

It goes to the ocean, farmlands, is in your yard, on the parking lots,

 air, this asphalted smell smear every where it goes

That is why birds don’t bother to sit on them, it smell it>

The shining paint of your car is poison.

The paint of your house is poison

Every plastic item is poison by all means

Every computer is poison!!!!

The sound of your car is poison,

Your beautiful shoes are poison

Every newspaper is poison

You are eating with a mass of colors and flavored

That is poison

If there is any thing that is not poison,

Let me know!

At this address

Your cellular phone is poison

And also a microwave!!!!!!

It is cooking your brain?

If a few it is going to have a mass conglomeration

With everybody with brain cancer!

Why? Every body believes the believe of believing 

 the killing machine of killing the planet for profit<>

Every everything is poison

And one more thing your shit that goes to the ocean is poison,

There is a silent of world governments not to let you know that you are just a consumer of the monitor that is monitoring the monitor to monitor the monitoring.

war is poison

i bet that war is poisoning the planet

as if any body would be

a slave of the killing for the killing of the fast and furious of the killing of the planet for the destruction of the under the rags of control to be controled by the elite of those hording money, for the mere need to hord hold and blind yu the yoyo.








The world is in war because the leaders are very much organizing the resources for the killing machine to create a turn of the bottom. The technocrats are very much to. Manmadeself induction order for the war monopoly of humans resources for peace and eco subtansiability  of the planet. If there is a revolution will be for the sake of civilization and not for the uncivilized order of capital.

 to create a revolution and preserve the planet from starvation and extinction..

The profit of governments to arm people and turn them against each other for profit is

The planet is very much in flames because the military complex is making this sure that they are  ready to kill the planet at any time because the are very much insane, the war for profit is very much assured, every government that makes this possible are  very much following a strategy that they are ready to attack. Very much all these governments making all these conflicts are very much in a war of get it all or nothing! Is the final martyrdom form whom these governments obey is very much about who got the best dominance of technology and best weapons of mass destruction for profit, if this persist we very much like, ho my god these people are very serious or retaderd to traine all these times for self annihilation of the world. If all these governments subdue to its own country man, there will be peace in no time.






The Obama health care is the best ever happened!


Why Americans don want socialize medicine?


Because American are being rule by a huge middle man making huge profit of about everything they can profit off including running the government!!!!!




save the planet now!

rule one


no rules for no body


rule two

the rule is to rule the rule less


rule three

if there is no rules

no rule exist!



no obeying


walk out free

every where

get out cars

dont go to work

we will provide food and shelter


 the planet

is free

belongs to no one

no one owns you

no one tell you what to do

no one make you do

you are not longer a slave

you are free!!!!



Why the U.S.A. act like that toward Mexicans and punish them by erecting a huge wall looks very much like segregation and most of it with the same believes of the 1950 political apparatus and why sheepo does being coerce by the brutal savage dominion and exploitation of the masses worldwide. To slaves them to virtual monopoly of social existence. There is a strong evidence that drugs should be given to people for free and using them at their own discretion for their choose, that is their own pleasure if they want to use drugs . Legalizing them is a key. But why not? Simple because there is a strong evidence that the Mexican wall and the Palestine wall is being made with the same psychology behind! Rootless from government that makes people just like forcing to even make people kill at each other for the profit of the under world government secretive extinction.

Something s kind of no right, why there is a money power struggle and why is money and why behind money

There is a strong evidence  that these modern times people has the lowest point in self motivation for preservation of themselves because they have become consumers of a product for profit and their lives have little mean but to acct like is normal! Why!

Why do we don’t ever care that the noise of a car is so normal!

And  why we comply. But to okey!  No one care and I shouldn’t care either because if I care they should thing that I am crazy! Uh what , now   


most likely , what ever if for example there were not wars how we we oui  surely wars can not be there unless some evil people are care less about any thing at all ,what will take to breack the chains of reason and burn all that evidence that keep sheepo in the wrong fields, the first thing to do may be i wont be that difficullt and just people dont go to work anymore and e take a first drastic acction we burn all those books !

what books ! which ones? all the Bs all the Cs, all the Ms, money for Monopolies of burden discretions that horrified the mere existence of life a forgaten because these people blieves in their wicked lives!there is a hiding war that is created by some kind of oh my dog what is going n wha the dog  plantations of bananas and looks like some body does not like our planet uh ho ha there is only thing tats surely we all do we don’t give a dam, because actually I go to work every day I got money and I work hard that is why I have a car, and make over a 100 granta y and 100%100 being u good citizen!     




 all what i really want si jus work everyday and have some money for dog sake !!!


what is the problem why is it with planet,


and why we dont cooperate and make thhis wright to ave maria and save the planet for the dof and agree to make the third reight right and start a fire craker for fun, and exting umuams by humans,


hey what is wrong with sheepo, did he got crazy of of a suden and the sky sudenly turns gray and hungry because somee nuts governmnets turn themseves againg each other for their hiding power play of money!








may 30 2012

to change or to not to change!


What this modern society believes about the void!


altering the natural state

Of altering change poison destroy gene/ radiated and most worse of it have using sanity for profit to believe their rhetoric of existence

Of annihilation and extinction of humans by humans by any means.....


Changing the natural state with gene technology to destroy this planet and to make a new one for profit! Or you can not poison, change; make a new one, parallel to this natural creation for the mere profit of your ego! The profit of science and technology for the mere mere mere of mere does not apply to your prerogative of your science for profit! Genetically bugs that kills bugs that eat bugs that eat poison, that makes food that eats food, that eat you brain fix your bearings brain that fix you your fix that test better that makes better, that what witty watch ha ha lo look la what do you thing you thinking that you gonad save the world by whata water witty wale wallow wily Walla  ha la la lu lo la hay caramba! We mea make a nother human in the lab!!!!! 

That can live on garbage



 humanity's escape from the solar system!

In what category you understand these commnets?

Cause if this is how you think of our planet But a bunch of lunatics nuts

Then!  You are an alien of other space!

And you don’t deserve being here thinking that the earth is dissposible for your  disoriented comfort


And nothing else mater to you but your egosentric eliocentrist retarded!

capitalist full of excrement and you dont deserve talking to me!


This planet is not yours! The solar system is not yours, the universe neither!!

You don’t destroy this planet for your egolectric beahviour! For consumerism capital rethoric selfish brain!

you dont destroy this planet for your retarded brain!


Question one. Why is there sex?


Question two. Why is there homosexuality and lesbianism?


Question three. What causes these and what impact have on the planet!


Any body that can answer these questions please send your information to this e-mail for publication @





May 13, 12





Shoppers worldwide are using 500 billion to one trillion single-use plastic bags per year. The average use time of a plastic bag is 12 minutes. Plastic bags pollute our waters, smother wetlands and entangle and kill animals. This eventually affects our health because larger animals eat small plastic-laden creatures and plastics work their way up the food chain until we consume animals that have eaten some form of plastic. Plastic is non-biodegradable and is made from a non-renewable resource: oil.  An estimated 3 million barrels of oil are required to produce the 19 billion plastic bags used annually in California.

Now 35 countries have already banned the use of plastic bags, 9 countries have passed levies and fees on use, 12 countries are considering bans or fees, and 26 states in the
US have introduced a form of legislation concerning plastic bag use. Most plastic contains harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which can be unsafe for human consumption or use. These can be avoided by substituting plastic materials and products with other alternatives materials like reusable cloth bags, stainless steel water bottles, and other wooden, glass, and metal substitutes. With the preservation of our environment becoming increasingly critical, what steps will you take to reduce plastic use?







These are the Brilliant Educated Hight class Republican Reputation running for the white house these days!


how about the Supreme Court idiology for the sovereing


"Mitt Romney will complete construction of a high-tech fence," the candidate announced on his campaign website. Michele Bachmann promised to "build a double-walled fence." And Herman Cain said: "We're going to have a fence; it's going to be 20 feet high; it's going to have barbed wire on the top."

What is wrong with Americans!


Are they kind off of off of  alienating the world for their baby sake of depravation of first grade co existence .


maybe tey are just whithes redichses hi ding on th teeet of the




oh my dog wet art thou


in hard times of sanity!






April 25, 2012



The state of arizona, the supreme court are incroempresible to debete on immigration because they have no cultural humane base on what imigration is other than defend our country, sovereing humane sovering over dominium of a individual for the sole purpose of individual control in all matters of legality for profit,.

 A individual subjeted to disposible control of individual rights to exist freely. Therefore there is no appliable laws in the united states of america to label mexicans or any one illegal here or there or over there.


The mexican wall is illegal punishable with a unlogic social incoherence. Build up with a social structure of demetion.


L'état de l'Arizona, la cour suprême sont incroempresible au debete sur l'immigration parce qu'ils n'ont aucune base humanitaire culturelle sur autre que quelle immigration est défendent notre pays, sovereing le dominium fini sovering humanitaire d'un individu pour le but unique de la commande individuelle dans tous les sujets de la légalité pour le bénéfice.

 Un individu subjeted à la commande disposible de différentes droites à existent librement. Par conséquent il n'y a aucune loi appliable dans les états unis de l'Amérique au Mexicain d'étiquette ou aucune illégale ici ou là ou là.

Le mur mexicain est punissable illégal avec une incohérence sociale unlogic. Accumulation avec une structure sociale de demetion.

why mexicans dont want to come to estamos podridos de vosotros

Primo. porque somos uns burros

segundo. porque es lo mismo aqui o alla.

tercero . los pericos son iguales aqui o alla.

cuarto. nosts tratan peor que esclavos

quinto. sin nosotros, no comeran

sexto. necesitan computadores para pensar, danos ecolologicos

septimo. se quieren mesclar la religion dogmatica con la politica.

octavo. son unos despotas y no aceptan diversity of governments.

noveno. democracy y capitalism no importa,

decimo. somos seres humanos. no fantasmas del capitalismo.



April 16 2006

 dangerous species

dont doit!


time is now!


 Racial profiling





March 27, 2012


Why do we kill People


Who kill People


To teach People


That killing people is wrong?


The death penalty is wrong!


 is time to get rid of your precious

you need a clean planet

eat oil
gas 5Bucks
the planet precious!!




the sub




Socialism fascism communist democratic capitalism autocratic plutocratic monarchism popetucratic  legislators arbitrators bureaucratic confederal oligarchic technocrats presidentialcratic leftwing centrists emeritarian burgesia burgesses from hell anarchical  hierarchical evangelicratic religious believes to obey   @ the elite are eating your children’s alive!!! Whatever you called does not make any pornographic difference is alo ithe hands of god !!!!!!!

Oh pardon me thou bleding piece of earth t’ I am meek and gentle with th’ese butchers!!!!!!!?><. Takook- ok aound,,,, see eee  e something! - This aenated crazy less trees more fences and walls are mking each more $ or X man comin to get u bigtime  ey don’t light  to sav e the planet because they are aliens worldtheplanetglobbling ever seen, wars ever ends pollution all to our throats, is cracking below feet  climate change cause of all tis mundane alution, we got in most,hight church o lait                 Washington  congresses’ , parliamentarians parlamientacratic the planet_= we t$e people ^ got $ & encourage ,light of upper sees it all9clouds  above the law  anything we don’t got- we areving fun f o r good ot of ci vil ity , gt naikes  rad tion rond the planet,  gene etic ally  bio-formation  post love the planet orientation to stp id the ozone layer goes we go  with it to space  ***** beyo nd our recog ni e gotery ich peo le and very por, we  ot living ou  of thing ad e got eople ving ou f ot her people we got the capitalist roulette stock market in which people beat their money to win or to lose, no matter what we are polluting the planet big time, yea , because this is what you getting,  is there something we don’t got yet !!!!     You need to pay somebody your dues. That is what you got,,,,,,,,,  also? we got- cocaine meth heroin mariguana cracking the code and the monitor is monitoring the monitor  and dont forget jesus is going to pay for our sins,,,,,,




Socialism facism communist democratic capitalism autocratic plutocratic monarchism popetucratic anarchaical  hierarchical religius belives to obey   @ the elite are eating your childrens alive!!! whatever you called  does not make any difference. Take a look- look around,,,, see something!  What we got, what we got- we live in a crazy world the planet ever seen, we got wars that never ends, we got pollution all to our throats, the world is cracking below our feet we got climate change because of all this men made pollution, we got in most,  congressess , parliamentarians planeting the planet_war lies and extortion of from money  and money and more money because of money we had been bought debted sold and resold you want to work more?the destruction exploite my personality fond of my aggitation, pardon me thouht bleeding peace of earth that i am meek and gentle with these butchers of the planet, if they can not get along then there is something wrong, i wander wht is is because i dont got a clue, if we got some glue maybe some body can usit now before is too late okey@= we= the people ^ got $ & encourage , is there anything we don’t got- we are having fun for good out of civil ity , got nukes  radiation around the planet, in a few genetically  bio-deformation  post traumatic disorder ***** beyond our recognition  we got very rich people and very poor, we got people living out of nothing and we got people living out of other people we got the capitalist roulette stock market in which people beat their money to win or to lose, no matter what we are polluting the planet big time, yea , because this is what you getting,  is there something we don’t got yet !!!!     you need to pay somebody your dues. That is what you got,,,,,,,,,  also? we got- cocaine meth heroin mariguana crack  and dont forget jesus is going to pay for our sins,,,,,, 





The hurdles of modern society,

Tech no logy and global pollution

Are the main causes of breast cancer on Women.



Somewhere along the line,

Some body plug the money line,

Bringing with this, an economic catastrophe

 Of major proportions,

  A new model around the planet

To create jobs and save the planet.

will be to come back to old way farming.

  To find out who did this,  

To live in big cities that the rich created

For their own profit and now crumbling down,

Due to stock market roulette

And some body big loses,

 Now nations and their subjects have to pay is a fatality

Of major proportions, perhaps is time to change.


hey can i want  love.




this planet is the only place in the galaxy,


where we can live!!


if you dont like it,


you can live in mars on a pressurized suit!


i have become a technocrat


got a phone!

A social grouping on the planet for the celebration of pAmerican double standard rhetoric!


We should preserve Brazil rainforest on behalf of the planet!



Humans can not evolute by destroying the planet.



What does it mean to be human?


Global Warming is certainly certain, very much very sure, like 100% sure very much very sure!!!


The solution to global warming is no about more energy miracles or about passive solar energy:  Is about less production of garbage coming from oil industry.


Plus the discontinuation of asphalt roads in the whole planet!


Plus completely discontinuation of nuclear energy!!!!



And guess what is the cure if  not for all, certainly, is a cure,


 Very much Industrial Hemp!


Is a big solution!


Why politicians in the name of God are so,




Because, guess what?


 Because what,  what whata whity coca cola on a plastic bottle is gonna lubricate your computer, of tomorrow!!!!!! 




A Compressive Immigration Reform



We need a compressive immigration reform because all farm workers from Mexico and Latin American,  and work,  with a contract in which there are guaranteed work and compensation with the tax pay system to insure for safe housing and medication  and their rights to back and for yearly status.

Thus, all farms employers can safely harvest their produce for good eco-friendly farms; can definitely make the world go around






How dare US fail or don’t want to or it is ignoring, perhaps is totally a blot of  what’s happening in the border of Mexico, the real thing is most Americans likes Mexicans most Mexicans likes Americans they get along just fine.




Because if it wasn’t for Mexicans, Americans would go Hungry!


 And if there is really because drugs; then, the feds are really trying to make us stupid or paranoid or idiots, or something,


We should sue them for passing us the wrong information!


 The real quest is why there is National Troops and border patrol and why in the first place there is a wall?


Do you really want to know?


Well the quest is The Black Market Economy.








No Government should dictate  To us what to be.


Do i have to be legal on this planet. 


Are these people from Arizona


up tight with something!


How those white red necks  people got here in the first place.













U.S. should build its own Hospitals for every one


As it is all over the planet.


 Why here is an exception?


Any where in the planet is a human right.



Stop pollution

of outer Space



Is there,  any thing wrong


 Being a Wise Latina……….













Wise Latino.











We call to all humankind to save the planet!









Laptops on your lap


Can make you sterile


And it can affect child’s birth






Is ridiculous this fence!


what you all thinking,,,


a fence i mean i virtual fence,,,,


ha, ha, ha, ha,,,,,,,


okey if you need a fence,


i tell you something,


fences are ridiculous





We need more public government,


Away from private corporations.


Do you have a clue!



















Social Capitalism!!!!!



What’s up with a capitalist society, is that the government


gives up its rights and




The policy of the common good for profit.


Due to a break down of the greed of corporations, and


Infusing a legal rip off of the




Capital market and breaking the back bone of a synthetic







Peace and prosperity for all









No more borders any where in the planet,


if you want a border make it in your head and if you not happy make in o' brain i say in your headless head full of dead neurons, unable to ling to the main machine.


Hey,,, is there



any body in the planet with some brains left?


The true is ::;;;,,,,,...////???????


Guest what is the True?


Next time you will hear the true direct form the true machine to your


inorganic polluted cinagroni machine enihcam.




Americans are making so much drama on their t.v. monitors to make sense of themselves about their rethoric of their monolitic sadistic life strugle as consumers # 1 of the planet,  yet can not understand whom to elect president of the United States because they have been taking so much brain washing on the rethoric of being americans.


March, 19 - 07

What would take to Save the Planet?


Destroy all dams in the world.!


Make World Peace immediately


Ask Israelis to stop decimating Palestinians.


Stop The Nuclear Family.


Convert military to civilian use worldwide.


Is Peace and Money




In a copytalist




everyone is a copycat!


Of the machine






The fed gov. gets off

 illegal Mexicans workers

 $3, 000,000,000 a month!or more


Do you need a wall?




The Myth about immigration.


 United States Red Neck Rhetoric


Make EEEEEEvery one in The Information Age


Pseudo Brain wash T>V>. Machine, To picture Mexicans


Immigrants as the Aliens of outer space, modern slaves.


The Gringo Culture





 Global Alienation


How much The United States of America


Profit off Mexican “illegal” immigrants?


A lot although I hear a couple of days ago that


Actually is also illegal for Americans to pay taxation out

Of pay work paychecks!

Undocumented Mexicans workers

Require to get a fake” illegal”

Social security number to get a job

When they arrive here.


  don’t get, {pay back]

Their tax return!

Making the government guilty of extortion

And force slavery with the agro business machine!

Its all a farce with these minuteman,

 drama Show American Brain wash, neo colonialism,

profit for profit blindness!







The [pollution of the planet] is so much that even if we change now, the period to renovate to its natural state will take so much time to metabolise all the contamination made world wide.

During this period. - Will cause a tremendous variable forecasts in the weather patterns

Never seen before.



American Inclusive Rhetoric Invasion.



Social dogmatic American Plastic Culture,


The complete sell out of war for profit!





Stop world decimation Now!




Dont't  let the vacum of capitalism suck you in!


The planet needs you more than ever,


Prepare for survival!


Plan A


The Environmet


Agro eco villages.




I wonder


The computers are really people

 Or people

 Are really computers!







wasting your life.


 and also they are


brain washing your head


with a special formulated


sodium flouride.`




By, the main media machine.



The Profit of

science and technology



killing the planet.



Laws are spreading like AIDS.






The planet is dying from human made pollution and environmental collapse is happening unless all nations and international corporations acknowledge this and start a renovation program now!


July 3, 06


The American nightmare is reaching towards the farter corner of the planet with its rhetoric of terrorism.



May 24, 2006


There is no excuse for the scientific community to believe that the warming of the earth as nothing to do with the man made pollution being done by the industry that supports all this technological and “scientific” progress, the planet is being eaten alive by humans, is the scientist failing that rest on their backs to accept this, and help to restore this tragic event in our history.


May ,18 2006

The true politicked on T.V. Radioheads of America, and your democratic capital washeads enterprise, sure there is more capital with this border fence, and there’s more to come. We will put America in a box if it’s for national security. 


We eat radioactive Waste.


may, 15 2006






May 12-2006


Is there any safe place to live in the planet?


Certainly the world is becoming more endanger place to live any where in the world, live is becoming unbearable to sustain a live that mean live to any one.

In the U.S.A. the paranoia has taken everyone’s life the American social system is cracking down, no one is sure from were all this uncertainty come from but one thing is sure.  The America Dream is becoming a nightmare, there is not a norm to what is and what is not, in other words America is being lost in the whirl of uncertainty to anything meaningful.


The rest of other parts in the planet, is not much better, before it seems all other nations look for what America was all about, now it seems that America was a collage of lost in the wind drama that never ends. And now America is an uncontrollable machine beyond description, some people say is the belly of the beast.


 War & Peace

The destruction exploit my personality

 fond of my agitation,

I have discoverd between my intellect

and my freedom there is a china wall

and my foundations has been a lie,

like the frontiers of the world.

Here I am architect spread nonetheless

of my blood.

Dreaming of the world

we want.




 war in progress









Ladies, gentlemans


have a good night.




The world is having a hard time due to manipulation of humans by humans, the uncertainty of not knowing themselves is creating chaos, mistrust and wars beyond description, overpopulation by profit is a major deception, and the pollution, done by the industry that created overpopulation is cracking down, global warming, the status quo dominant nigntmare is alive! !White ?corporate power is brain? less! or, and american population ignorant manipulated greed, is creating the influx of mexicans to U.S.A. a red neck___ unecessary friction beyond description. Mexicans provide americans with the farming industry labor, yet they are treated worst than slaves by the status quo red neck americans.

America is not the white? america anymore, america is the belly of the beast?

Is this civilization?



You can not pollute


save the environment

at the same time.





  Who run this country?


What country?


That country


You mean this one?


No I don't mean this one


I mean that one


Which one?


I don't


see it


I don't see it





Where are my brains?

There are no brains

The brains are being forgotten


If there were brains

They could be found some where!

But look around,

It looks like

There are no brains at all.









Is the planet helpless against


Pollution, PoLlutTiON, pOlLuTiOn, PooLLLuTTiOn, PooooLLLuuuuTiOnnnnnpollllluuuuuutttttion

War nuclear pollution,



do not step inside the machine.



killing the machine.


The profit of science and technology

is killing the planet!



Man does not know

how about his where abouts

that is why he does what he does

he knows nothing!





Who is not terrorising

the planet?




Every one!

 to your room now!

These kids are brainless.....





Welcome to our planet

Enter at your own Risk






Be careful with humans

If you not careful while you’re here,

They can eat you alive,

Or burn

They can hang you

Or make you believe their irrationality

Of: religion, democracy, and communism

 or punish you with their rhetoric of democracy.

And they can confine you to slave’s

 labor camps in the ghettos

 of their industrial polluted cities.







Plan One

To save ourselves from our corrupt society.


Destroy all Dams

Stop all industrial pollution now!

Get rid of all nuclear weapons

And nuclear plants.

Bring down all borders walls in the world.

Ask Americans to believe the world’s loves them.

Ask the Chinese to leave Tibet.

Get rid of Capitalism and Communism

And rhetoric punish Democracy.

Get rid of plutocrats.

Give the world a clean environment.

Fresh air

Fresh water

Fresh fire

Fresh earth.




Put all these ingredients in a gold pot simmer slowly for 14, 000 000 000 more years, enjoy life.




We have very litle time to save the planet.

Here are some hints to enjoy life before we all dissapear from this world.

1.- Don't pay rent

2.-Don't go to work

3.-Get in touch with an organic producer and volunter to grow food for free.

4.-Organise potlucks, and social events.

5.- Enjoy life.






Where the only place in the universe where its inhabitants are eating each other from within out, were we are making aliens of ourselves and the only planet in the galaxy where we are wasting tech-no-logy to keep the population sodomize to the extent that here in this modern world, people born watching T.V. people born inside cars and also die inside cars, where people born inside cities and also die inside cities. Welcome we are gonna take care of all you nicely, we are going to waste our planet resources to keep you up dated with our highly innovations of the future, and eventually we are going to eat you alive. 


We are the only place in the solar system where we are so proud of our humanity and so happy that every day we are accumulating a huge amount of garbage and manufacturing lots of materials obnoxious to our health and the health to our planet, alellya jesus Christ and the holly ghost that we don’t give a dam because our scientific research and tech-no-logy is making our bright future a failure to keep our planet clean. Next we are going to build a bomb beyond dimension that can destroy the planet in a second. This is our major contributions to the universe that give us birth. And if you want we also eat people.